schedule Moominvalley sea of ​​clouds
Cool and cool "art" summer festival indoors
The venue is here! KOKEMUS
Holding period 2022.7.16SAT-8.28SUN

Summer festival filled with art and workshop experiences in a cool room

A hands-on event held at Moominvalley Park's indoor exhibition facility "Kokemus".
There are 15 types of workshops!
You can use it as a subject for your child's summer vacation research and homework ♪

Art = Art is not formal, it cultivates sensibilities and creativity through art.
When life becomes creative by activating the brain, our familiar lives will be enriched.
There are many tips in art that will make your life more convenient!

Through new encounters and discoveries in a cool indoor environment
Would you like to spend an artistic summer?



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Limited time workshop Workshops held daily

JULY October event

AUGUST October event


Limited time 2022.7.16SAT-8.28SUN
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The summer time coloring page


Coloring corner that anyone can participate in

Introducing a corner where you can enjoy coloring the art of the new series "The summer time" in the summer of 2022!Please take it home to commemorate the summer.

Event Dates Every day during the event
Time Open: 10:00 - 16:00
Venue Special space in front of KOKEMUS 3F "Moominvalley diorama"
How to apply No application required (free participation)
Entry fee Free
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Making a coloring box-Moominvalley's friends "Taboo" and your own "Parafernaria" box-


Let's make an artistic original box

"Tableau" is like a small theater stage where characters and places are made to appear to create scenes. "Parafernaria" means the accumulation of "things" collected for a specific purpose such as leisure or hobbies.
Moomin creator Tove and his partner Tuulikki have enjoyed creating and enjoying a three-dimensional Moomin tableau at night using the "parafernaria" collected in the box. The box is complete.
Create a wonderful stage full of imagination by coloring the special main art of Moominvalley's friends.

Event Dates Every day during the event
Time Open: 10:00 - 16:00
Venue Special space in front of KOKEMUS 3F "Moominvalley diorama"
* Sale: KOKEMUS 1F Main Shop Moominvalley
How to apply No application required (free participation)
Entry fee ASK
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Making an original photo holder
~ From one scene of the story ~


Making a photo holder that can be taken on the spot and completed

Create your own rubber photo holder by taking a composite photo against a background in Moominvalley Park that you wouldn't normally be able to enter.Shooting is done by a professional cameraman.
You can make it on the spot.Why don't you bring back special memories from one scene of the story?

Event Dates Every day during the event
Time ① 10: 00-12: 00 (last reception 11:30)
② 13: 00-16: 00 (last reception 15:30)
Venue KOKEMUS 1F Special venue in front of the elevator
How to apply Reception at any time
Entry fee ASK
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Moominvalley Park original badge making

Choose your favorite design and you're done!

Moominvalley Park Workshop Making badges by choosing your favorite sheet from the original design.From small children to adults, you can make a lot in a short time, so you can enjoy it in various ways, such as commemorating your visit to the park or taking a walk with clothes or bags.

Event Dates Every day during the event
Time Weekdays: 10: 00-15: 30 (last reception 15:00)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10: 00-16: 30 (last reception 16:00)
Venue KOKEMUS 1F "Main Shop Moominvalley"
How to apply Reception at any time
Entry fee ASK


to make

[Ethical Choice] Let's make your own Moominvalley with traditional handmade Japanese paper


Japanese paper making workshop by a craftsman instructor

We will call a craftsman from Ogawa Town, the production center of the handmade Japanese paper "Hosokawa Paper" registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, to make traditional handmade Japanese paper (nagashi).
Make your own original piece by decorating it with Moomin characters and natural leaves.
* Since drying work is required in the workshop, the completed work will be delivered by mail at a later date.

Event Dates 7 month 16 day (Saturday) 17 day (day) 18 day (month)
30th (Sat) 31st (Sun)
Time ①10: 00 to 13: 30
② 14: 00-16: 00 (last reception 15:00)
* Reception starts at 10:00 on the day of the event, and information will be provided in sequence depending on seat conditions.
Venue KOKEMUS 2F "Kids Space"
Entry fee 1,000 yen (tax included) (additional shipping fee 350 yen)
Remarks [What is Hosokawa Paper]
Hosokawa paper is the highest quality and finest Japanese paper among the traditional handmade Japanese paper "Ogawa Japanese paper" made from kozo.Ogawa Washi is said to have a history of about 1300 years, and is currently handed down in Ogawa Town and Higashi Chichibu Village in Saitama Prefecture.It has the toughness unique to unbleached pure Japanese tissue, and has a simple yet lustrous luster. The texture is tight and the paper surface is not fluffy, and it has a rigid and elegant taste.
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Moominvalley wood burning box
~ The Summertime ver. ~


"The Summertime" design is only now!

The design of the new summer series "The summer time" will be available for a limited time in the Moominvalley wood burning box.Wood burning is a technique of scorching wood by tracing the art transferred to the surface of the wood with a tool called an electric pen.Even beginners can easily make it, just like drawing a picture on paper.

Event Dates 7 month 16 day (Saturday) 17 day (day) 18 day (month)
July 8th (Sat) and 27th (Sun)
Time ① 13:00 ② 15:00 Approximately 60 minutes each time
Capacity 8 people
Venue KOKEMUS 1F "Main Shop Moominvalley"
Entry fee ASK
Remarks Reception starts at 10:00 on the day
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[Four Seasons Collection]
Moominvalley buddies fabric panel


Why don't you make a panel to decorate your home by hand?

You can enjoy making fabric panels by tailoring the fabrics designed by Moomintroll and friends according to the season.You can choose your favorite design and size according to the interior of your home.

Event Dates July 7th (Sat) and 23th (Sun)
July 8th (Sat) and 6th (Sun)
Time ①13: 00 ②13: 45 ③15: 00 ④15: 45
About 30 minutes each time
Capacity 8 people
Venue KOKEMUS 1F "Main Shop Moominvalley"
Entry fee Small size: 2,500 yen (tax included)
Large size: 3,200 yen (tax included)
Remarks Reception starts at 10:00 on the day

Handmade market collaborated by Kukkla


An array of materials that are indispensable for manufacturing!

A fun shop with lots of handmade and usable materials is coming!We also have paints for hands-on experience and pens for wood burning, so you can enjoy making things on the spot using the materials you purchased.Specialized staff will give you advice, so let's combine ideas and take on the challenge of manufacturing freely.

Event Dates July 7rd (Sat) 23th (Sun) August 24th (Sat)
7th (Sun) 20th (Sat) 21st (Sun)
Time 10: 00 to 17: 00 (workshop final reception 16: 00)
* Workshops will be accepted at the venue from 10:00 on the day of the event, and will be announced in sequence depending on seat conditions.
Venue KOKEMUS 2F "Kids Space"
Remarks Reception starts at 10:00 on the day
to make

Hattifattener's Shaka Shaka Charm


Hattifattener's cute charm making

Hattifattener outbreak! !! A limited number of cute charms that Hattifattener moves around are now available!Even children can easily make it because they only need to paste the parts with the resin liquid.Because it is a large size, it has an outstanding presence even when attached to a bag.

Event Dates July 7th (Sat) and 30th (Sun)
July 8th (Sat) and 20th (Sun)
Time ① 13:00 ② 15:00 ③ 16:15
45 minutes each time
Capacity 8 people
Venue KOKEMUS 1F "Main Shop Moominvalley"
Entry fee ASK
Remarks Reception starts at 10:00 on the day

KIRIN KIDS COLLEGE Heat Stroke Countermeasure Seminar and Making Arranged Drinks of "Mojito Style Litchi Soda"


Delicious and fun to prevent heat stroke!

This is a program for children to learn how to deal with heat stroke that is of concern at this time.
After making an arrangement drink that can also prevent heat stroke, let's enjoy learning about heat stroke prevention.

Event Dates 7/23 (Sat)
Time ① 11:00 ② 13:15 ③ 14:00
(15 minutes each time)
Capacity 12 people
Venue KOKEMUS 2F "Library Cafe"
Entry fee ASK
Remarks Reception starts at 10:00 on the day

Aim for KIDS TikToker


You too will be a TikToker!

Create a promotional video for Moominvalley Park using one of the four original Moominvalley Park songs.Leave the shooting content to us!The recorded and edited videos will be posted to the official TikTok account of Moominvalley Park. Make new discoveries at Moominvalley Park and reach out to the world. Through TikTok production, you can enjoy learning about creation, expression, and SNS manners.

Moominvalley Park Official TikTok Account

Event Dates July 7nd (Friday) 22rd (Saturday) August 23st (Monday)
2nd (Tue) 18th (Thu) 19th (Fri)
Time [1st set]
Meeting: 10: 30 ~
Reception / Orientation: 10: 30-11: 00
Location scouting: 11: 00-12: 00
Shooting / editing / posting: 12: 00-13: 30
[2st set]
Meeting: 10: 30 ~
Reception / Orientation: 10: 30-11: 00
Location scouting / Lunch break: 11: 00-14: 00
Shooting / editing / posting: 14: 00-15: 30
Capacity [Advance reservation system] 1 groups per day (up to 2 children per group)
Venue KOKEMUS 2F "Kids Space"
* "Library Cafe" only on Saturday, July 7
Entry fee ASK
Remarks [Participation conditions]
Children 4-12 years old (elementary school students)
・ Please be sure to come with a guardian.
・ The staff will accompany you during the shooting.

[Songs designated by this workshop]
・ If you get in the clouds
・ Big apple song
・ Enchanted Manhattan Dynamite
・ Song of freedom

[Notes on application]
・ Please check the precautions in advance and agree to them before participating.
・ The copyright of the work of this workshop belongs to Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd.

[Notes on the day of participation]
・ Please sign the consent form by the guardian when you participate and wear the special bibs when shooting.
・ Posting may be refused depending on the shooting and editing contents.
・ If it is judged that the act interferes with the progress of the workshop, it may be canceled.In that case, please note that we cannot provide refunds.
Overnight party

Moominvalley plush toy staying party


Your precious stuffed animal is a big adventure in the night park !?

A very popular event is coming to foreign libraries!Your favorite stuffed animal will stay in the park for you.After presenting a handmade "name tag necklace" to the stuffed animal at the workshop, it's finally time to say goodbye ... After that, imagine a special night for the stuffed animals.Through the official SNS of Moominvalley Park, we will secretly deliver the situation so that the stuffed animals will not be noticed.
Where are the stuffed animals that have come to life when the night comes and go on an adventure?
An original picture book "Moominvalley's Life" will be presented as a proof of adventure!

Event Dates ① July 7st (Sun) Application period: Until July 31th (Monday)
②August 8th (Sun) Application period: Until July 14th (Sat)
③August 8th (Sun) Application period: Until August 28th (Sat)
* Winners will be contacted the next day
Time 16: 00- After the reception, a workshop to make "name tag necklaces", stuffed animals to sleep and farewell
Capacity Advance reservation system (lottery if there are many applications)
Venue KOKEMUS 2F "Kids Space"
Entry fee 2,850 yen (tax included) {"Name tag necklace" workshop, picture book "Moominvalley's life" (list price 1,650 yen (tax included)), including a special delivery box}
Shipping fee will be charged separately for delivery after the end (payment fee will be charged)
Remarks ・ The types of stuffed animals that can be stayed are limited to the characters of the genuine "Moomin" on the market.
・ Limited to sitting / upright sizes of 1 cm or more and 25 cm or less. (As a guide, in the case of Moomintroll limited stuffed animal "Moomintroll", from SS to M size)
・ We may refuse to accept stuffed animals with decorations that do not match Moomin's world view, such as handmade clothes and accessories.
・ Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian.
・ We will send you off, but we will not pick you up (you will come directly to us when you check in, but we will pick you up in a special box).
・ Plush toys will explore the park.Please bring a stuffed animal that can withstand your stay.
・ Photos of the stuffed animals taken on the day will be posted on the official SNS.Please note.
・ If there are a large number of applications, a lottery will be held and only the winners will be contacted.
to make

[Ethical Choice] Coloring the dining table by making woodwork products-A workshop to learn various "differences" and find the "same"-


Lecture on "polishing" as a professional instructor for people with disabilities

A workshop where people with disabilities become instructors and teach them how to polish trees as a professional in a polite and fun way.The instructor, Obusuma Welfare Association, is a group of professionals who make wooden products.Carefully cut the wood one by one, polish it to the extent that it feels like this, and assemble it.This time, we will make a "coaster" and a "cutting board" using Nishikawa wood from the local Hanno city.Please experience "polishing" together and listen to stories from people with disabilities. "What is your disability?" "What kind of work do you do?" "What do you like?"
For the final touch, apply natural paint and you're done!
This workshop should be full of wonderful manufacturing and encounters with people.

Event Dates July 7th (Friday) August 29th (Saturday)
Time 14: 00 ~
Apply in approximately
Capacity 20 people
Venue KOKEMUS 2F "Kids Space"
Entry fee Cutting board 2,000 yen (tax included)
Coaster 500 yen (tax included)
Remarks Lecturer: Social welfare corporation Obusuma Welfare Association "Hanno Office"
It is a welfare office where people with disabilities make woodwork products using local Nishikawa wood (sugi and cypress).Through production activities, we provide training necessary to improve the knowledge and abilities necessary for finding employment in general companies. In 2013, we launched the brand furniture "OBUSUMA" together with contemporary furniture writers and designers, including peripheral accessories.We carefully create one product so that we can deliver the warmth of wood.
[Simultaneous sales event held at metsä village]
On Saturday, August 8th, we will also hold a sales event for products made by people with disabilities who work at welfare offices.
[Sales event details]
・ Date: 8/27 (Sat) 10: 00-18: 00
・ Location: "Craft Vibrio Tech" in metsä village

[Tonto Festival]
Workshops and sales events are held as spin-off events of the "Tonto Festival". The "Tonto Festival" is an event with the theme of "# Everyone is different, but the same", and is studded with "surprise" for various people, including people with disabilities, to get to know each other.Through various encounters and experiences, we are preparing a lot of gimmicks to know the "difference" and find the "same".
In November, Tonto Festival 11 will be held as a real event.We will inform you on the official metasä website and SNS in the future, so please have a look.
* The schedule may be changed depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus.

[Planning / Implementation]
NPO corporation Decent Work Lab

* This project is supported by bicycle races.
"Tonto Festival Aiming for" SDGs and Inclusive Society "Experience in Sports & Entertainment" Subsidy Project https://www.jka-cycle.jp/

Making Science Sweets-Garnet Valley Geode Cake-


"Chemistry" workshop recommended for independent research

A workshop on "Science Sweets", a sweet that you can make with excitement as if you were doing a science experiment.
The motif is the novel "Comet in Moominland", a garnet valley visited by Sniff.
Like a garnet that shines beautifully in a rocky valley, we make Japanese sweets "Amber Sugar" that look like jewels.When sugar is boiled, it changes seven times depending on the temperature.Starting with sugar water, syrup, fondant, caramel, etc., the condition, color, and aroma change.Boiled sugar around 110 degrees is called "fondant", and the surface crystallizes to form sugar coating.Let's enjoy making Japanese sweets "Amber sugar" using the crystallization of sugar, just like the crystal form of minerals that are gems.Introducing cutting that looks like a jewel to reflect light glitteringly.Even after returning home, you can observe how the sugar crystallizes with each passing day.
After enjoying the jewel cutting of amber sugar, each person will also make a cake called "Geode Cake" in which jewel crystals are embedded with the surplus amber sugar. Please take home the beautiful impression of summer vacation with "Amber sugar" and "Geode cake".

Event Dates August 8th (Sat) Recruitment period: Until August 13th (Sat)
August 8th (Sun) Recruitment period: Until August 14th (Sun)
Time 11: 00-, 13: 00-, 15: 00-
About 60 minutes each time
Capacity [Advance reservation] 8 people
Venue KOKEMUS 2F "Kids Space"
Entry fee ASK
Remarks Children under 4 years old should join with their parents (free tour)

Lecturer: My little days
An atelier for children and Maman with a focus on kids creativity.
We value the creativity (childhood, independence, sensitivity, creativity, free expression) that we should have, not knowledge and skills.In our daily lives such as food, crafts, scents, athletics, sounds, play, etc., we will look at the essence of children now and in the natural world together.
Based on the concept of "art de vivre", we provide an opportunity to bring out the creativity of children, and provide a total lifestyle that enriches the lifestyle of Maman, as well as the time when children's hearts move. We propose various contents.


Tove Jansson's Moomin picture book "What will happen then? 』Read aloud

Let's go on an adventure to find Little My

Tove Jansson's Moomin picture book "What will happen then? (Written by Tove Jansson / Kodansha).Before and after the story-telling workshop, please experience the experience exhibition "What will happen then?" On the 3rd floor of KOKEMUS with the same picture book as a motif.The colorful areas continue and you can enjoy the story as if you were in a picture book.

Event Dates July 7nd (Friday) 22th (Friday)
August 8th (Thursday) 4th (Thursday) 11th (Thursday) 18th (Thursday)
Time 11: 00 ~, 15: 00 ~
About 30 minutes each time
Venue KOKEMUS 2F Kids Space
* Only on Friday, July 7, KOKEMUS 29F Main Shop Moominvalley
Entry fee Free


[Simultaneous holding] "Moominvalley's challenge-projection mapping video contest-" select work announcement

Let's enjoy the video art of creators!Under the theme of the novels "Comet in Moominland" and "Winter of Moominvalley", 100 works selected by the judges from the 5 works submitted to the "Projection Mapping Video Contest" held on the video production platform Vook will be exhibited. ..

KOKEMUS 2F "Library Cafe" special space

Click here for the contest

Moominvalley sea of ​​clouds

Holding period 2022.7.16SAT-9.25SUN

A spectacular view!
A dynamic sea of ​​clouds fills the Moominvalley area

To create special summer memories this year, experience a cool sea of ​​clouds at Moominvalley Park.
The size changes depending on the weather, temperature and humidity
Unpredictable entertainment!Please enjoy the fantastic world of sea of ​​clouds.

In a fantastic space
Extraordinary summer

A sea of ​​clouds mist that wraps around the Moominvalley Park symbol "Moominhouse".
A mysterious creature "Hattifattener" attracted there outbreaks in the park.


It is recommended to purchase advance tickets in advance so that you can enter the park smoothly.
If you purchase in advance by specifying the day of admission, you can get a guaranteed admission even during times of congestion.


bus Express bus

Arrival and departure Tokyo Station
For a limited time
7/23 (Sat) -8/21 (Sun)
Operates every day on weekdays!
Normal operating day Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

・ Wrapping bath * With toilet
・ "Moominvalley's Friends Season 2" vol.3 DVD screening
・ Present a "coupon book" that can be used at metsä village

bus Direct bus tour

Arrival and departure Shinjuku Station
For a limited time
7/15 (Fri)-8/31 (Wed)
Mon / Wed / Fri / Sat / Sun

・ "Moominvalley's Friends Season 2" vol.3 DVD screening
・ Includes limited clear file benefits!

Arrival and departure Yokohama Station
For a limited time
7/15 (Fri)-8/31 (Wed)
Mon / Wed / Fri / Sat / Sun

・ "Moominvalley's Friends Season 2" vol.3 DVD screening
・ Includes limited clear file benefits!

Arrival and departure Minami-Koshigaya Station (via Omiya Station)
Service Dates Every Saturday

・ Wrapping bath * With toilet
・ "Moominvalley's Friends Season 2" vol.3 DVD screening
・ Includes limited clear file benefits!

* The tour may not be held if the number of participants is less than the minimum number set by each travel agency.