metsa coffee festivals

metsa coffee festival

Gather in the coffee lover metsä!

Centered on the Hans cafes and roasters in metsä, there are also Scandinavian and national brand cafes.
At this opportunity, why not find your favorite coffee?

Enjoy XNUM X points

Many types of 18 stores
Coffee shops and cafés from around 18 stores such as cafes in Hanno city and cafes related to Northern Europe.
Tasting ticket
You can enjoy coffee of various shops feel free with discount drink comparison ticket.
Special taste
Find a unique way to enjoy coffee in the nature of metsä Village.


If you want to compare and drink coffee, I would recommend a tasting ticket with a set of 4 cups.
Of course, we also sell regular cups of coffee.

Drink comparison ticket 4 cup minutes 1,000 yen (tax included)

[Sale place] We sell in the event hall on the day.
【Sale time】 10: 00 to 16: 00

  • ※ The amount of coffee per cup is less than the coffee provided in the shop.
  • ※ Tasting tickets will be discontinued as soon as they are sold out due to limited number of sales. Please purchase early.
  • ※ You can not refund the tasting ticket under any circumstances.


Date: 2019 year 3 month 30 day (Saturday) 10: 00 to 17: 00 [Last order: 16: 45]
Venue: metsä village
Organized by: metsä Coffee Festival Executive Committee
Sponsorship: UCC Ueshima Line Co., Ltd. · IKEA Tachikawa

※ If the weather is high, such as strong winds, the event may be shortened or canceled without notice.
*For the latest information on the event, please visit the metsä official website before visiting.