Imagine or think of someone ramblingly

Do what you like and do what you want to do

This is the way Moomins live


2021.7.10 (SAT) ~ 2022.Autumn

Moominvalley Park

Exhibition facility KOKEMUS 2nd floor special exhibition area

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About the exhibition

Moomin dining table and convivial exhibition

-Eating, living together-

Convivial meaning "banquet," "feast," and "symbiosis."

Eating and living together are connected.

Besides, the atmosphere is cheerful in the convenience
Being friendly,

It also means being comfortable.

Throughout the seasons, the world of "Moomin"
Various foods have appeared,

The environment and feeling surrounding it is exactly
It is full of "convivial".

Diverse values ​​are next to each other
In modern society

Somehow I keep each "individual" firmly
Of the Moominvalley friends who live in harmony

To the way of life and the concept of "convivial"

Find suggestions for living in the coming era
It may be.

Focusing on foods that are blessed with nature in each season
Moominvalley's rich food culture and

Moominvalley to relax and harmonize
Through the appearance of friends

"Convivial" that warms your heart
I can feel the feeling

An original exhibition at Moominvalley Park.





From the Moomin Museum, Finland

Designed by author Tove and partner Tuulikki
Miniature tools

"Parafernaria" first visits Japan & debuts in the world

* This exhibition has ended on June 2022, 6 (Monday).


With "Parafernaria" selected under the theme of "food"
"Phantom Moomin Doll" with Atelier Fauni
In collaboration
Produce a unique exhibit

* This exhibition has ended on June 2022, 6 (Monday).


Valuable food-related publications published in the 1970s and 80s
First exhibition of the collection


The original picture of Moomin's work is in the collection
Moomin Museum, Finland
Valuable works of art related to dining tables and food
Special reproduction of the collection


An original song that symbolizes Moominvalley Park
"Apple" that appears in "Big Apple Song"
Moomin Museum, Finland
With the cooperation of Moomin Characters
Introduced with valuable sketches and studies


With Moomin's original art that invites intellectual curiosity
A symbolic word that feels "convivial"
Deeply connected to the Moomin monogatari, Ltd. of the four seasons
Select from Scandinavian food
Each chapter has a commentary column that you can learn in an easy-to-understand manner








Finland, the birthplace of the creator of "Moomin"
Rich food culture corner


Rough drink making machine "Manhattan Dynamite"
Enjoy interactively using your five senses

With a non-contact sensor mechanism
Designed for a safe experience




About the world's first Parafernaria

© Per Olov Jansson
Piblishig rights Moomin Characters Oy Ltd

The collection of Parafernaria or "Kama" ("things" in Finnish) was donated to the Tampere Museum in Finland in 1993 by Tobe Janson (1914-2001) and Tuulikki Pietila (1917-2009). ..
Earlier, Tobe Janson donated a treasure trove of original illustrations of the Moomin monogatari, Ltd. and other works to the museum.

The Parafernaria collection is housed in more than 60 boxes of various "things".

In addition to Moomin figures, building materials, sketches, etc., there are also archival characters such as photographs, slides, letters, and newspaper clippings.

Some of the most fascinating and imaginative pieces are pieces of fabric and wallpaper, sequins from the flea market in Paris, and small antiques from antique shops.
There are also bags with sand, feathers, shells, fur, leather and glitter.

These are rarely exhibited, and only a few are exhibited at the Moomin Museum in Tampere, Finland.
This is the first time in the world that these "things" selected from 60 boxes have been rented and exhibited.

(Ricca Quittenen, Curator of the Moomin Museum)




Comments from the supervisor

Mayumi Tomihara

Professor Emeritus, University of the Sacred Heart

-Japanese supervision-

The keyword "convivial" for this exhibition is from Moominvalley Park.
It was born out of a conversation with content director K.It's almost like this.

I would like to plan an exhibition with the theme of food.

However, there aren't many elaborate things in the work.Jansson is not particular about eating ...

That's right.There are many things that are surprisingly simple.Jam or panques.

Moominmamma is a rather sloppy person in cooking, or in general household chores.
All the dishes are taken out and washed on a rainy day, no, they are just washed away.
You're completely playing with currant jam making in the comic book "Mysterious Pretend Play".

Misa got angry.It's unscrupulous to play with food.

On the contrary, berries, apples, mamelk, everyone feels good.
If it becomes an opportunity to share, isn't it your desire?
Life continues in this way.

It's nice to have this kind of floating feeling.While eating and drinking ...

That's it, "Convivial!", Let's go with this!

Then I reworked the plan many times.Read each other's sentences with English translation supervisor A in Oriori,
I checked if there was any discrepancy between Japanese and English.
However, the miso is that they are not literal translations of each other.
Japanese is like Japanese, English is like English.Please read and compare if you like.

Mami Adachi

Faculty of Contemporary Liberal Arts, University of the Sacred Heart
Professor, Department of English Culture and Communication

-English supervision-

The theme of the special exhibition is "to be together through food" and "to feel absent through food".
At the "Finn Family Moomintroll" party, Moominmamma's rustic panques were relieved of Hobgoblin's loneliness, who lived with only black leopards.
For the first time, I met someone who wasn't afraid of me and served hot panques as a matter of course.
I'm happy to hear everyone's wishes.
The highlight is Moomintroll's desire to deliver a table with a heap of feasts to Snufkin, who travels alone instead of on the spot.I think that the students of the University of the Sacred Heart, who translated the Japanese text of the exhibition into English as part of the industry-academia collaborative class, also spun a bond between each other, sometimes face-to-face and sometimes remote.

Industry-academia collaboration

Under the guidance of Professor Mami Adachi of the University of the Sacred Heart, who supervised the exhibition in English, the English commentary and captions for the exhibition were produced by the Master's Program in the Department of English Culture and Communication, Faculty of Contemporary Liberal Arts, University of the Sacred Heart. We also cooperated with the "Corporate Cooperation through Translation" and "Translation Theory and Practice I-1" classes.
On July 2020th and 7th, 17, after the start of the special exhibition, we carried out industry-academia collaboration activities such as giving a presentation to guests as an English commentary event for the exhibition as a student intern on the 18st.As Moominvalley Park, we will continue to provide younger generations with new opportunities for inspiration and learning, and to use them as a source of growth.

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Credit Transfer

[Special cooperation]

Moomin Museum / Tampere Art Museum (Finland)

Moomin Characters Oy Ltd. (Moomin Characters Finland)

[Japanese supervision]

Mayumi Tomihara (Professor Emeritus, University of the Sacred Heart)

[English supervision]

Mami Adachi (Professor, Department of English Culture and Communication, Faculty of Contemporary Liberal Arts, University of the Sacred Heart)


Finland Center, Visit Finland (Finland Tourism Board)

University of the Sacred Heart, Faculty of Contemporary Liberal Arts, Department of English Culture and Communication

Graduate School English and English Literature Master's Program "Corporate Cooperation through Translation" "Translation Theory and Practice I-1" Class


Finnair, Finnair Cargo


Embassy of Finland in Japan, Hanno City, Hanno City Board of Education,
Hanno Finland Association

[Planning cooperation]

S2 Co., Ltd.


Moominvalley Park