Ticket Sales
Ticket Sales

April 4th (Fri) - July 19th (Sun)

Total length 200m! The spectacular Umbrella Corridor

Approximately 1,000 umbrellas in Moominvalley Park
“Moominvalley and Umbrella” spreads☂

Approximately 200 meters of umbrella from Welcome cove to Moominvalley area
A corridor appears above your head, and you can't help but be dazzled by its colorfulness.

Riding the early summer breeze.
Dancing gently in the umbrella sky
Enjoy the fantastic performance of soap bubbles!

Under the Umbrella Sky, which is covered with colorful umbrellas, the entire Umbrella Sky Road is covered in soap bubbles for about 15 minutes every 3 minutes.
The spectacular performance will magically color the space and fill you with eye-catching beauty. Don't miss out on this competition between umbrellas and soap bubbles!

Soap bubble time:
Approximately 0 minutes at 15, 30, 45, and 3 minutes of every hour
※ Rainy weather and stormy weather canceled

Shops and restaurants too
Umbrella motif decoration

Shops and restaurants will also be decorated with umbrella motifs, and the entire Moominvalley Park will be enlivened with umbrella decorations♪

Moominmamma's kindness

From Welcome cove to Moominvalley area
Approximately 200 meters of umbrella

SDGs where umbrellas are reborn
Produce Initiatives

After the event, the vinyl umbrellas on display will be displayed.
Upcycled and
It will be reborn as a new product.

* Detailed information will be updated on the official website from time to time.
*Image is of 2023 product

Food & Goods


Sales location: Library Cafe

The melon cream, which is reminiscent of the green leaves of the roses grown by Moominmamma, is sprinkled with colorful chocolate spray that resembles an umbrella.

made by mom
Pancake ~Umbrella~

Sales location: Lettula Lounge

Pancakes with white cream and raspberry sauce inspired by mom's apron. The surrounding sauce is sprinkled with colored marshmallows that resemble the colors of Umbrella, making it a pancake that will make you feel like your mom is coming to pick you up with an umbrella.

Filled with mom's kindness
orange tea

*The straw has a Little My decoration

Sales location: Library Cafe

Moominmamma's gentle orange juice contains tapioca shaped like colorful umbrellas. Iced tea is added to the orange juice base to create a refreshing drink with a gentle sweetness.

"Moominvalley and Umbrella" limited
art latte

Sales location: Library Cafe

"Moominvalley and Umbrella" limited design will appear on the popular art latte.

soap bubble stick

Sales location: Main Shop Moominvalley/Hajimari no store

When you rotate the stick part, the rainbow-colored band changes shape and spreads out like a floating soap bubble. There is a light inside so you can enjoy it even at night. Choose your favorite pattern from the Moominvalley Park 5th anniversary logo and Little My blowing bubbles.

aurora acrylic charm

Sales location: Main Shop Moominvalley/Hajimari no store

This is a slightly larger charm with a character drawn on acrylic in an aurora color that resembles a rainbow that appears after the rain. There are a total of 9 types of illustrations of Moominvalley friends that are also used as decorations in ``Moominvalley and Umbrella'' (8 types + 1 secret type). It comes in a blind package, so I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out.

Photo Contest


Photo contest held!
Golden week
Let's capture memories!

The prize is a Moominvalley Park original stuffed animal! In the sunlight filtering through the trees,
Photos of colorful umbrellas swaying in the wind and wonderful moments that only you can find.
Please post on Instagram/X with "#UmbrellaPhotocon2024".

The prize is a stuffed animal!

Recruitment period: April 2024, 4 (Friday) – May 19, 2024 (Sunday)
Prize: Moominvalley Park original stuffed animal Moomin L for 3 people

Access Map

Ticket Price

XNUMX day pass

Adult(More than junior high school students)

Advance sale3,400 Yen

Same day ticket3,600 Yen

Children(4 years old and over, elementary school students and under)

Advance sale2,000 Yen

Same day ticket2,200 Yen

・ Tickets can be purchased up to 1 hour before closing time.
・All prices shown include tax.