2019 / 11 / 30 (sat)-2020 / 3 / 8 (sun)
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I see


Everyone at Moominvalley,
Hibernate from 11 month to 4 month.
It ’s been a long time ago
Because it was natural.
But I have never happened this year
The first thing happened in the Moomin family.
Moomin wakes up
I can no longer sleep.
Moomin went to wake up Moominmamma.
“Mom, get up!”
But Mom won't get up.
"The whole world has gone somewhere ..."
The snow scenery I see for the first time is very beautiful,
But in a world where it ’s not easy to live
I saw.

From "Moominvalley Winter"

The first winter in Moominvalley Park
Moominvalley Winter
Moominvalley Winter View book details  >

Enjoy day and night
Enjoy the winter at Moominvalley Park!

Start from January 2020, 1!

Sound Walk-Winter of Moominvalley-PRESENTED by SONY

One person 1,000 yen (tax included)

Holding time 10: 00-17: 00 (last reception 16:00)

Sound walk

"Sound Walk-Moominvalley Winter" is a completely new sound attraction where you can experience the world of the novel "Moominvalley Winter". When walking around the park wearing guide terminals and special earphones, you can hear the voices and footsteps of the Moomins together with the scene spreading in front of you, as if you were entering the story of `` Moominvalley's winter '' World spreads. Let's go on a winter adventure together while listening to the voices of the Moomins!


Realistic sense of familiarity

You can hear the voices and footsteps of the Moomins from here and there, so you can experience as if you have entered the world of narrative. Feel the Moomins talking and moving around around you.

Director and voice cast to enliven the story
Ryo Oguri


Ryo Oguri


Takahiro Sakurai

Narration / Snufkin

Takahiro Sakurai


Fumiko Orikasa


Fumiko Orikasa


Toru Okawa


Toru Okawa


Inori Minase

A squirrel with a wonderful tail

Inori Minase


Haruka Tomatsu

Moomintroll role

Haruka Tomatsu


Aki Toyosaki

Little My role

Aki Toyosaki


Hanazawa Kana


Hanazawa Kana



Link with the movement of the experiencer
Sound attractions

As you walk through the park, the story will progress and you will hear footsteps on the snow, for example, so you can enjoy interactive audio entertainment by playing audio linked to the movement and direction of the user.


With the Moomins
Take a picture

We have prepared 6 spots where you can take commemorative photos with original character frames. You can take your own commemorative photo by holding your smartphone for lending. Photos taken after the sound walk experience can be downloaded.


Original sticker

After the experience, if you answer the questionnaire, you will receive an original sticker that can only be obtained here.

What is Sony's new technology "Sound AR ™"?

(1) Use an open-ear style headset

A new sense of Sound AR by Sony that mixes the sounds of the virtual world with the real world.Sony Open Ear Stereo Headset "STH40D, You can enjoy music and conversation while listening to the surrounding sounds without closing your ears. With the scene in the park, you can enjoy the voices of the characters heard only by the experienced person.


(2) Position interlock

Based on the location information of the experienced person, the linked sound is played when entering a specific spot. "Soundwalk Moominvalley Winter-" is a sound attraction where the story progresses while walking, and you can experience the winter adventure story by walking along with the character.

(3) Spatial acoustic technology

By utilizing Sony's object-based spatial acoustic technology, you can create a three-dimensional sound field as if you entered the world of stories. The sound source is placed in all directions with information such as position and angle, and you can enjoy the experience of sound coming from all directions. You can hear the characters talking around you and moving around.

(4) Physical interlocking

The linked sound is played according to the movement and direction of the user. You can enjoy interactive audio entertainment that is linked to the direction and behavior you are facing, such as footsteps on the snow when the user walks.
* 1 This is linked to the direction and movement of the smartphone that the user has hung from the neck.

Event Outline

Dates January 2020-March 1, 16
open time 10: 00-17: 00 (final reception 16: 00)
Reception starts at 10:00 every 30 minutes. Each experience will be for the first 20 people.
It will be canceled in case of rain.
Sales location "Moominvalley Park" Welcome cove information counter
Entry fee 1,000 yen (tax included) / person
Target age Elementary school students and older
* Cannot be used if the staff judges that it is difficult to wear the dedicated earphones. Please note.
Experience required time About 1 time
Message You can enjoy the SoundAR experience by walking in Moominvalley Park with your Sony Xperia ™ smartphone and Sony's open-ear stereo headset (STH40D).

* SoundAR and Xperia are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.

We will hold the second rally to solve the mystery, looking for "having a big tail" that appears in the original novel "Winter of Moominvalley". As you walk through Moominvalley Park, unravel the mysteries on the kit and find out what the forgetful Risu was trying to do!


Moominvalley Park
At the beginning store


Around the park
Solve the riddle!


After clearing
Original pin badge
(Not for sale)
You can get it!

Event Outline

Sales location Beginning store
Entry fee ASK
Recommended age for participation 12 years old or older (who can read the alphabet)
Experienceable time From 10 to 17 (final reception at 16)
Average time required About 1 time
projection mapping

Moominhouse projection mapping

Moomin house projection mapping

18: 30, 19: 00, 19: 30 held (show time approximately 10 minutes)
* Changes and cancellations may be made depending on the season, weather and congestion.
Depending on the congestion, some areas may be replaced.
Some contents may change depending on the situation.

The Moomin family, who enjoys the sunshine, wakes up with the arrival of spring by eating plenty of pine needles and hibernating during the winter. However, Moomin Roll, who accidentally woke up alone. The outside is a mysterious world covered with snow. Still, with the help of clever Toutikki and scary little My Little Mystery, I will overcome winter solitude and grow. Will the “Aurora” taught by Tuticchi really appear?

The tree of Orchestra

Moominvalley Winter Tree
"Tree of Orchestra"

The tree of Orchestra

A special winter tree that no one has ever seen has finally been completed. The many ornaments that Moomins have worked hard on are just a little fun and fun.
When you enter the light of a lantern that reflects the instrument, you can hear the sound of a cantel or violin. As the number of guests participating increases, the tree plays a lively symphony. (Up to 12 people)

Ambiguous road (snow and ice)

“I think snow is white, but sometimes it looks pink and sometimes blue. If you think it ’s softer than anything, it ’s harder than stone. You can play with the Moomin friends in the snow and ice path that Tuticchi said.

The way for everyone

In the moonlight, the footsteps of Moominvalley's friends emerge brilliantly.Hemulen wearing skis, a small salome who screams at it, a small but cheerful moomintroll, a relaxing Moomintroll ... Feel the footsteps of each and expand your imagination. Let's do it.

Glowing flower road

Lonely Mountain has a rare light blossom slope that blooms in winter. As guests pass, the light sways and envelops the surroundings in a fantastic atmosphere. Let's head to the summit while being guided by the flower of light that is gorgeously colored.

Snowball Theater

The shadows of Moominvalley's friends who enjoy the snow world in the light of the snowball lamps lit by Tuticchi will appear around your shadows. You can also meet strange creatures that you don't see much.

We are not liable for any accidents caused by customer carelessness. / Depending on the content, you may have to wait when it is busy. Please prepare for cold protection. / It may not be possible to enter the park as planned or requested by the customer. Please come to the park with plenty of time. / Business may be suspended or canceled due to season, weather, or facilities. / It is prohibited to bring in anything that interferes with the production, dangerous materials, odorous materials, fresh flowers, or other items that the staff has determined to be dangerous. / In the aisle, there are some parts of the foot (road surface) such as soil and turf, so please come with comfortable shoes. / We do not accept entry in poor health or drunk conditions. / Please manage valuables at your own risk. In the unlikely event that theft or loss occurs, we are not responsible for it.
[Ticket-related] Unauthorized sales (resale) and transfer of various tickets are prohibited. / Tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances except for business suspension. / The travel expenses for visiting the Moominvalley Park are not compensated even if the business is canceled.
[Contents and gardens] Some works may not be available due to congestion and maintenance. In addition, the contents may be changed. / The venue is dark, and there are many places with height differences and unstable scaffolding. Pay close attention to the behavior of yourself and your companions, as well as other customers, and customers with children in particular should watch them safely under the supervision of their parents. / Due to the characteristics of the work, there are effects such as flashing / lighting of lights, loud sounds, etc. If you are traveling with children or pets, please watch and spend it safely under the responsibility of the supervisor. / In some areas, wheelchair users may be asked to follow the staff's guidance. / Never touch the projector, sensor, light, or other equipment to maintain the work and to ensure safety. / Please observe the instructions of the park staff. If you do not observe it, you may be asked to leave the park. / There are places where there are some access restrictions. (Hemulen's playground, Lonely Mountain back stairs) / Leisure seats and luggage left behind may be dealt with as lost items.
[Video / photographing] It is possible to shoot photos / videos, but when shooting, make sure that the video / camera does not exceed the height of your head. / Be careful not to inconvenience other customers. / Please refrain from using auxiliary equipment such as monopods, tripods, selfie sticks, and drones for shooting. / Visitors may be subject to photography when interviewing and shooting the organizer and various media. Please note that filming materials may be used for news reports, advertisements and promotions. / Commercial photography and coverage without prior consent are not permitted.

Illumination map

■ Outline

Period: 2019 year 11 month 30 day (Saturday) to 2020 year 3 month 8 day (Sunday)
Time: From 17 to 20, last ticket sales time 19 (before closing 1 hours)

WINTER WONDERLAND in MOOMINVALLEY PARK "Winter Puzzle solving game-Liss is looking for"
Period: 2019 year 11 month 30 day (Saturday) to 2020 year 3 month 8 day (Sunday)
Time: From 10 to 17 (final reception 16)

WINTER WONDERLAND in MOOMINVALLEY PARK "Sound Walk-Winter of Moominvalley"
Period: Thursday, January 2020, 1 to Sunday, March 16, 2020
Time: From 10 to 17 (final reception 16)

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