Let's get lost, to the Moominvalley winter forest

Moominhouse projection mapping Moominhouse projection mapping

A story based on the novel ``Winter in Moominvalley'' will be projected as projection mapping on Moominhouse.
What kind of winter will Moomin have after waking up from hibernation?
The aurora lights will decorate the night sky, making you feel as if you have entered the world of projection mapping stories created by the friends of Moominvalley.

projection mapping

Moominhouse projection mapping

Start time: 18:00/19:00

Moominvalley winter fireworks Moominvalley winter fireworks

Fireworks over the lake are launched from the surface of the lake in the crisp, cold winter sky.The rich colors straight out of the Moomin stories brighten the night sky and lake surface.


Moominvalley winter fireworks date

July 2023
3rd (Friday/Holiday)
4 day (Saturday)
11 day (Saturday)
14th (Tuesday, Saitama Prefectural Citizen's Day)
18 day (Saturday)
23rd (Thursday/Holiday)
25 day (Saturday)
July 2023
2 day (Saturday)
/3 (Sun)
9 day (Saturday)
/10 (Sun)
16 day (Saturday)
/17 (Sun)
23 day (Saturday)
/24 (Sun)
30 day (Saturday)
July 2024
2 day (Tuesday)
6 day (Saturday)
/7 (Sun)
8th (Monday/Holiday)

Time: 18:30~ (about 5 minutes)

A sound attraction where you can experience the world of Moomin stories A sound attraction where you can experience the world of Moomin stories

Sound walk

About SoundAR ™

A new sense of Sound AR ™ by Sony that mixes the sounds of the virtual world with the real world.
You can enjoy the scenery inside the park and the voices of the characters that only the visiting guests can hear.

Position interlocking

Position interlocking

Based on the location information of the experiencer, when entering a specific spot, the linked voice is played.A sound attraction where the story progresses while walking, you can experience the adventure story of winter by following the route with the character.

XNUMXD sound technology

XNUMXD sound technology

By utilizing Sony's stereophonic technology, it is possible to realize a three-dimensional sound field as if you were in the world of a story.Information such as position and angle is attached to the sound source and it is arranged in all directions, so you can enjoy the experience of sound reaching from all directions.You can hear the characters talking and moving around by your side.

Body interlocking

Body interlocking

Plays linked audio according to the movement of the experiencer.You can enjoy interactive voice entertainment linked to the position and movement of the smartphone, such as the footsteps of the experiencer walking on the snow.

To enjoy the Sound AR ™ experience
Please download two types of data in advance: ① the app and ② tour data.

  • Before using the Sound AR ™ experience, please prepare earphones / headphones that can be connected to your smartphone.

You can shoot with the original photo frame!Photo contest is also held You can shoot with the original photo frame!Photo contest is also held

Post the wonderful photos you took on SNS with the hashtag “#WWL Photocon 2023”!Winners will receive a XNUMX-day pass.


#WWL Photocon 2023

Application period: November 2023, 11 (Thursday) - January 2, 2024 (Monday)

Prize: Moominvalley Park1 day pass (pair) 5 pairs for 10 people


An original menu with a winter story as a motif is now available!

Lettula Lounge

Lettula Lounge Winter Menu
Pancakes made by mom Snowball lantern

White inspired by a snowball lantern
Pancakes with chocolate cream

Price: ¥ 1,600 (tax included)

Rohikeit soup

Nordic classic salmon milk soup

Price: ¥ 500 (tax included)

Mentaiko cream pasta

Pasta with mentaiko and rich cream

Price: ¥ 1,300 (tax included)

Restaurant Moominvalley

Restaurant Moominvalley winter menu

Oden that warms your body with warm soup

Price: ¥ 900 (tax included)

snowball bread stewnight

Whole bread stew perfect for the cold season

Price: ¥ 1,800 (tax included)

Solitary island fish plate

Flavorful salmon with miso and cream
Grilled in foil wrapped with whole vegetables

Price: ¥ 1,800 (tax included)

Library cafe

Library Cafe Winter Menu
blue hat tart

A tart inspired by Tootikki's hat

Price: ¥ 700 (tax included)


Purchased images on Asoview
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B: XNUMX day pass + sound walk set ticket BTicket purchase
C: Night pass (Entry possible after 17pm) CTicket purchase
D: 4,550 day pass + “Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei” admission set XNUMX yen DTicket purchase
E: Night pass + “Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei” admission set 2,950 yen E-ticket purchase
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Official online ticket image

Moominvalley Park Official Online Ticket

A: XNUMX day pass ATicket purchase
B: XNUMX day pass + sound walk set ticket BTicket purchase

*Night passes are not sold.

Experience facility business hours


Exhibition area: Opening - 20:00
(Last entry: 19:30)

Moominvalley play area:
Opening - 17:40 (Last entry: 17:10)


Opening - 16:30 (Last entry: 16:00)

Hemulen's playground

Opening ~ 16:30

Little My's Play Spots

Exhibition Garden ~ 20:00 (Last entry: 19:30)

Oshun oxtra

Opening - 20:00 (Last entry: 19:30)

Hobgoblin's zipline

Opening - 16:30 (Last entry: 15:30)