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10:00 - 18:00

Craft Bibliotech

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2021 / April reception starts ~  

metsä village

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  ~ 2023/03/18

11:00 - 12:30

Meeting place: in front of metsä village information

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About Metsä village

What you can do in metsä village

Feel the Nordic lifestyle

The place where you can feel the most Northern Europe in Japan.At metsä, you can enjoy functional Scandinavian design miscellaneous goods and directly imported foods.

Abundant nature awaits

You can enjoy seasonal scenery and flowers.Feel the warmth of the trees and the pleasant breeze while relaxing.

Experience hygge

"Hygge" is Danish for "a comfortable space" or "to spend a comfortable time."Have a special leisure time on a quiet hill or at a BBQ by the lake.

Have fun with your pets

Pets are allowed outdoors at metsä!Of course you can also enter Moominvalley Park.Make wonderful memories with your precious family.

Floating in forests and lakes

You can experience various activities such as island boating and canoeing.Let's refresh with an extraordinary experience.

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I live with the margin. metsä

Northern Europe is
It is known for its high level of happiness.

That is,
Unleashed from work and worries
Spend leisurely and relaxing
Because the time of the "margin" is in life.

For example,
Read a book alone,
Discuss what happened today with your family.
Taste the coffee slowly,
You can relax without doing anything on the sofa.

metsä is
I feel so comfortable
The time that flows to Northern Europe
Provided to customers.


“A place where you can realize the essence of the richness of your mind through experiences in the woods and lakes where Nordic time flows, and take it back to your daily life”
That is what metsä is aiming for.

Through each experience, you will discover important things that you tend to forget in your daily life, and I believe that such discoveries will lead to the richness of your mind