metsä village

metsa village "Foreign coach and first programming" workshop

"First programming with a foreign coach" workshop using Code School Finland teaching materials.

event 2021/05/22 2021/06/27
time ① 10: 30 ~ 12: 30 ② 13: 30 ~ 15: 30 ※ Limited to the first 10 people each time
place Craft Bibliotech
price Participation fee:
・ Normal: 5,000 yen (tax included)
・ Early bird discount: 3,000 yen (tax included) * Applicants who apply in advance are eligible.
・ Special rates for junior high school students living in Hanno City * Please contact us separately.
Participation target:
・ Those who are new to programming
・ Those who want to have fun communicating with foreign coaches in English ・ Those who are motivated
・ Junior high school students / high school students / university students / adults / seniors We have participants from various generations.Even elementary school students who are willing to communicate in English should consider participating.

metsa village Forest Kitchen Carnival

Enjoy a take-out menu and organic food made with carefully selected ingredients in a classical kitchen car.

event 2021/05/15 2021/05/16
time 10: 00 ~ 16: 00
place metsä village special venue

metsa village Scandinavian art fair

Please enjoy the colorful world created by Scandinavian writers.

event 2021/04/29 2021/05/09
time Weekdays: 10:00 to 18:00 Weekends and holidays: 10:00 to 19:00
place Craft Bibliotech
limit Ends in 3 days

metsa village Forest and Lake Marche 4.17-18

Spend a relaxing time in the metsä village, surrounded by forests and lakes.

event 2021/04/17 2021/04/18
time Marche of forest and lake: 10:00-16:00
Momilani Hula Studio / Hula: ①12: 00 ~ ②14: 00 ~ / Approximately 25 minutes 
place Forest and Lake Marche: metsä village special venue
Momilani Hula Studio / Hula: Nordic Square
limit Ends in 3 days

metsa village You are the protagonist!Let's Challenge!Foot race attack

I will teach you the "knack" that will make you faster, which is not taught at school!

event 2020/04/17 2021/04/18
time 開催時間:第一部11:00~12:00 第二部13:00~14:00 第三部15:00~16:00
Reception hours: 10:30 to 5 minutes before the opening time
place Nordic square
price Capacity: 70 people each time (target age, elementary school students)
Participation fee: 1 yen per person (tax included, paid at reception)
・ Foot race class / Lesson / Posture, how to use the body / Importance of foot race items
・ 25m dash measurement
·cool down
limit Ends in 3 days

metsa village SAUNAN JALKEEN

Sauna A sauna culture that originated in Finland, provided by Jarken.

event 2021/04/17 2021/04/18
time 10: 00 ~ 16: 00
place Ootepils
price Free
* When entering the tent, please measure the temperature, disinfect, and wear a mask.
limit Ends in 2 days

metsa village DRUM CIRCLE / Drum Circle

"Everyone hits the drums in a circle!" That is the drum circle!

event 2021/04/17
time ① 12: 00-12: 30 ② 14: 00-14: 30 
* There is a possibility of extension of time.
place Nordic square
price No entry fee
Capacity: Each time XNUM X name
* Up to 30 people can be seated.

metsa village Hifive Galley. (On The Lakeside)
Established In 2021

It's a favorite place you'll want to visit again.

event 2021/04/03  
time Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10:00~18:00
place Craft Bibliotech

metsa village Location photo wedding by metsä village and ideal wedding

A wedding photo shoot to commemorate your life has started in a wonderful location.

event 2021 / April reception start  
place metsä village
limit Ends in 3 days

metsa village Moi! HELLO TODAY
Start a new chapter in “my” life

We develop items that add new things to your usual lifestyle and your everyday lifestyle.

event 2021/03/27 2021/04/18
time Moi! HELLO TODAY: 10: 00-18: 00
place Moi! HELLO TODAY: metsä hall

metsa village Enjoy Nordic Walking!

Why not enjoy Nordic walking originating from Finland in Scandinavia in the lush nature of metsä.

event 2021/04/17 2021/06/26
time 11: 00 ~ 12: 30
place Meeting place: in front of metsä village information
price 1,000 yen (tax included) (Pole lending is +500 yen)
"Let's enjoy Nordic walking!" Participation fee is not subject to free parking.

Past events

metsäde moluk


Let's play "Mölkky", a sport that can be enjoyed by adults and children originating in Northern Europe Finland!

Forest and Lake Marche 3.27-28


Spend a relaxing time in the metsä village, surrounded by forests and lakes.

"English" x "Programming" Workshop

2021/03/27 2021/03/28

"English x Programming" workshop using Code School Finland teaching materials.



Adults, children, dogs!Please spend a relaxing time full of smiles.

Spring Fair Kevät on täällä!

2021/02/20 2021/03/21

We have a lineup of spring-like products that will make you want to sing in a warm and cheerful way.

metsä Valentine 2021

2021/01/09 2021/02/14

Enjoy Valentine's Day at metsä, which is known as "Friends' Day" in Northern Europe Finland.

metsä HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021


metsä (metsä village / Moominvalley Park) is open all year round.

one!Duffle Festa

2020/11/14 2020/11/15

Please enjoy a special time with your dog under the autumn sky.


2020/11/01 2020/12/25

With the feeling of KIITOS !, we are distributing coupon sheets that allow you to use metsä village more profitably!

metsä Village Christmas 2020-Scandinavian Forest and Christmas Market-

2020/10/31 2020/12/25

Enjoy a Scandinavian Christmas with illuminations that illuminate the trees of the metsä village with gentle light.

metsä Fireworks display 2020-Forests, lakes and fireworks.

2020/10/17 2020/11/07

Fireworks viewing tickets for all dates of the metsä fireworks display have been discontinued.

Hanno Green Carnival 2020-Manab, Asob, Tunagar. ~

2020/09/19 2020/09/20

A carnival where you can feel the nature of music, art, sports, and Hanno ♪

kippis pop-up shop tour 2020 spring Fresh!

2020/05/22 2020/06/21

A large collection of fresh new and standard products from the popular Scandinavian design brand kippis!

Northern Europe Story and Goods Fair

2020/02/20 2020/03/08

Please enjoy this opportunity to learn more about Scandinavian sundries.

metsä Valentine 2020-Thank you, I love you-

2020/01/18 2020/02/14

Have a fun Valentine with your loved ones at metsä ♪

metsä WINTER SALE ~ MAX70% OFF ~

2019/12/29 2020/01/13

Don't miss this opportunity to get good quality items at a reasonable price!

Surugadai University student presents Play in Finland

2019/11/24 2020/01/26

A student from Surugadai University in Hanno City, the same city as metsä, gave a lecture on Mölkky, which originated in Finland.



A major annual event sponsored by the magazine "RETRIEVER".

Christmas at "metsä village"-Nordic forest and Christmas market-

2019/11/01 2019/12/25

Illuminations and Christmas markets using traditional Scandinavian decoration Himmeli will be held.

The metsä village is one year old.

2019/11/01 2019/11/30

With the feeling of Kiitos !, we have prepared events and menus to liven up the 1st anniversary of metsä village.

Nordic walking festival


The Nordic Walking Festival will be held again this year at metsä village.

Pet Photo Campaign in metsä Village

2019/10/18 2019/11/10

Present your pet's photo taken at metsä village and get a "dog snack" gift.

metsä × TOY MARCHÉ

2019/10/04 2019/10/27

The toy Marche opens in metsä!

Living together -World Alzheimer's Day-


On World Alzheimer's Day, we will hold an event where you can feel more familiar with dementia and long-term care and welfare.

Forests, lakes and umbrellas.

2019/08/01 2019/09/01

Due to its popularity, the exhibition period has been extended.

~ Star falling metsa ~ "Nordic Sky Planetarium Space"

2019/07/20 2019/09/01

A planetarium that reflects the Nordic night sky with 1,000 million stars is now available in metsä village.

metsä midsummer

2019/06/22 2019/07/07

An original midsummer event only for metsä that combines the summer solstice of Scandinavia and Tanabata of Japan.

Forests, lakes and umbrellas.

2019/06/08 2019/07/15

About 1000 umbrella skies and brightly colored roads appear in the forest.

Hanno Green Carnival 2019-Manabu, Assob, Tunagar-

2019/06/01 2019/06/02

A parent-child festival with a Scandinavian theme.This year, metsä village will be a collaboration venue!

On Father's Day, I will give a medal to my dad doing my best!

2019/05/25 2019/06/16

metsä has many events for Father's Day.

mother's day of metsä "KIITOS ÄITI ~ Thank you mom always ~"

2019/04/27 2019/05/12

This year's Mother's Day is a Scandinavian lifestyle!

one! Doful Week

2019/04/27 2019/05/06

Dogs, cats, everyone fun Golden Week!

Creema Craft Caravan in Hanno

2019/04/13 2019/04/14

Approximately 60 Creema creators from all over the country gather to develop markets and workshops.

The cherry blossoms in the metsä village have begun to bloom

2019/04/01 2019/04/07

We will light up the blooming cherry blossoms around Lake Miyazawa for a limited time when the cherry blossoms are blooming.

metsä coffee festival


A collection of Scandinavian and national brand cafes, centered on metsä's local Hanno cafes and roasters.

Outdoor Exhibition by IKEA Tachikawa

2019/03/26 2019/03/31

We will hold events to experience IKEA outdoor furniture at Nordic Square and metsä Hall!

Nordic city on the lake

2019/03/23 2019/03/24

Don't miss the many Scandinavian miscellaneous goods that warm the harsh winter visually.

2 Up Cycle Craft Market

2019/03/02 2019/03/03

Please come and look for one-of-a-kind items and digging items centered on upcycling.

Orienteering in metsä village


Would you like to run around the forest around metsä with a map and a compass?

LISA LARSON POP UP SHOP "metsä mikey market"

2019/02/20 2019/03/17

Whether you like cats or not, please take this opportunity to visit the metsä hall.

Candle night only for XNUM X days

2019/02/06 2019/02/14

The Valentine Candle Night by artist Candle JUNE will be held for 3 days only.

This year's Valentine "metsä Valentine"

2019/02/01 2019/02/14

Have a wonderful Valentine's day at metsä with your lover, friends and family.


2019/01/18 2019/02/03

A pop-up store with a large collection of kippis products will open for a limited time!

One day candle Christmas


Artist Candle JUNE creates a fantastic metasä village.

Team Lab Forest and Lake Light Festival

2018/12/01 2019/03/03

Transform Lake Miyazawa and the lakeside forest into an interactive light art space that changes with the presence of people.

"Give Each Other Day."


It is an event that anyone can participate in, such as reading aloud and making a huge picture book together.

A sustainable future creation market begins!

2018/11/22 2018/11/24

Japan's first upcycle craft market is held!

Upcycle flea market

2018/11/22 2018/11/23

Come to find things such as remakes and recycling things, one point, digging things.

Nordic walking festival


The topic of fitness walking that anyone can easily enjoy!

Lakeside and Forest-Northern European Christmas Market-

2018/11/09 2018/12/25

Enjoy Christmas preparations at metsä village.

Handmade Market Craft (HMC)

2018/11/09 2018/11/11

"Handmade Market" will be held as a new attempt sponsored by Mr. Yamada of Canoe Studio.