metsä village
Chiffon cake "Lakeside fairy"

Chiffon cake "Lakeside fairy" /


Freshly baked, fluffy original cake.All 12 types.

Ichiro Suzuki Malt Malt & Grain White Label

Ichiro Suzuki Malt Malt & Grain White Label /

place Moi saitama

Japanese whiskey from Chichibu recognized at the home of whiskey.

CARE of GERD Hand Cream & Body Lotion

CARE of GERD Hand Cream & Body Lotion /

place LAAVU

Swedish organic cosmetics.With a simple package and a refreshing citrus scent, it can be used by both men and women.

Wooden watch XO oak

Wooden watch XO oak /

place THREE

A simple and light wooden watch. Only TRE is available in Japan.

STUDIO HILLA half cut fabric

STUDIO HILLA half cut fabric /

place LUNE D'EAU

Fabric of cute design from Northern Europe.

Fazer milk chocolate box

Fazer milk chocolate box /

place Nordic goods

The world's best-selling product GEISHA A series containing hazelnuts that combines milk chocolate and crispy.

Matcha Deluxe Soft

Matcha Deluxe Soft /

place Musashi Rikyu

A hearty Japanese sweet made from Sayama tea matcha.

Cyboku set

Cyboku set /

place SAIBOKU metsä Village store

A complete set of all popular Cyboku products.

Thermo bottle

Thermo bottle / 1,980 yen (tax included)

place metsä cafe

Light and durable! A product limited to metsä cafe that keeps you warm and cool.

Bilberry smoothie

Bilberry smoothie /

place biokia smoothie

A rich smoothie made from Finnish bilberries.

Whole tomato napolitan

Whole tomato napolitan /

place Farmer creates tomateria GOTO

Rich tomato Napolitan made by a farmer.

Strawberry white mocha

Strawberry white mocha /


Sweet and sour strawberry and sweet white chocolate latte. March 3th (Monday)-* Limited time offer

Bagel sandwich

Bagel sandwich /


A discerning bagel sandwich that uses 100% domestic wheat.

Yuzu salt ramen

Yuzu salt ramen /

place Ramen AFURI

A cup of AFURI that has a scent of yuzu.

Adult children hamburg

Adult children hamburg /

place Hamburg time

I want to eat even adults!

The temptation of Mr. Yang

The temptation of Mr. Yang /

place nordics

A new encounter between Nordic home cooking, anchovy potato gratin and pancakes. Savory pancakes perfect for brunch and light meals.

Starbucks latte

Starbucks latte /

place STARBUCKS Hanno metsä village store

Pour steam milk into a rich espresso and carefully top with foam milk.



place Sågverk

A Sogberg original product made from a mug "Guksi" originating in Scandinavia using materials from Hanno.