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Make play

PANZA Lake Miyazawa

Let's play with all our strength for children and adults in Japan's largest online adventure!

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We also hold workshops and canoe rentals, so please stop by!

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Moominvalley Park play make



There are currently no plans to hold a workshop.

Past workshops

Workshop to enjoy the Nordic scent

Dried flower light bottle

Scandinavian mobile "Himmeli"

Badges made with Scandinavian textiles

lovi / Lovi-Gift from Finland-

Valentine icing cookies


Farmer creates tomateria GOTO

A popular pasta and omelet restaurant with a menu of whole tomatoes.

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Musashi Rikyu

You can enjoy the luxury Matcha Sweets made possible by Rikyu, which is run by the famous Sayama Tea Store "Araien Honten".

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"Cyboku" was founded in 1946. Grilled ham and sausage, which has won many gold medals at the International Food Quality Contest, to deliver the freshness of the ranch.

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metsä cafe

"Metsä" official cafe with the image of the color of "metsä village".

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biokia smoothie

The world's first specialty smoothie shop that uses natural berries grown organically in Scandinavia.

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A variety of drinks using roasted beans directly imported from Scandinavia and freshly baked cinnamon rolls make it the largest cafe chain in Scandinavia. First Kanto store opened.

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The best crepes and vegetable sommelier qualified chefs produced by top pastry chefs have created the best bagels with people with disabilities.

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AFURI (Ahori) adheres to non-additives and natural materials and has created a taste. Please enjoy the commitment to one cup of noodles.

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Hamburg time

A hamburger specialty store with carefully selected materials that are particular about local production for local consumption.

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A restaurant where you can relax while enjoying the spectacular view of Lake Miyazawa and your meal.

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A cafe with a terrace where you can enjoy your meal with Scandinavian tableware.

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Have a relaxing time at Starbucks.

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Moominvalley Park Eating



We will deliver pesticide-free fresh vegetables from "Hiyori Farm" on the shore of Lake Miyazawa.

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Moi saitama

It is a select shop of "food" by Saitama products produced by Maruhiro Department Store.

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Why don't you enjoy your daily life with selected products in search of Scandinavian style and rarity?

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From Finland!A lifestyle shop where you can enjoy the latest designs.

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Scandinavian fabrics that can only be obtained here, bags, cushion covers, and other items that add color to your life are also attractive.

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Nordic goods

A Scandinavian lifestyle shop full of ingenuity to make your daily life enjoyable. We have collected the latest Scandinavian items and the latest information.

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It is a select shop that deals with high-quality imported miscellaneous goods, sticking to "genuine Nordic Europe".

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