Official hotel

At Moominvalley Park
I want to immerse myself in the world of Moomin's story.
I want to enjoy the surrounding area together.
It is Moominvalley Park official hotel,
Would you like to spend your time?

Official hotel

Official Hotel Benefits

Benefits 1 Benefits 1

In the Moomin Special Room, you can enjoy the world of Moomin's story in your room.

Benefits 2 Benefits 2

You can get a gift from Moominvalley Park, which is only available here.

* It will be handed over at the hotel where you are staying.The content of the gift depends on the hotel
Benefits 3 Benefits 3

It's okay if there are restrictions on admission.
Admission is guaranteed.

Benefits 4 Benefits 4

You can buy limited goods that only guests can buy at Moominvalley Park.
※The image is an image.

* The above benefits are only available to guests staying with the Moominvalley Park 1 Day Pass plan offered by each hotel.Please contact your hotel directly for gift details and plan details.

Limited goods benefits

Hotel Marroad Chain

Rembrandt Group Hotel


・ Time of reservation
As it varies according to hotel, please confirm in each hotel page.
・ How to make a reservation
Please confirm the reservation method of the accommodation plan with a benefit on each hotel page.
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