moomin valley park Making cantera

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team ①12:00 ②13:30 ③15:30 (Reception starts from 11:00)
※ It ends as soon as it disappears
place KOKEMUS 2F Kids Space
price ASK

moomin valley park Reading Moomin's story picture book "Snowy Moomintrol"

event   Please check the details for the event date.
team Open: 14:00 - 14:30
place Lawn area in front of KOKEMUS
*In case of rain, the venue may be changed or canceled.
price Free

moomin valley park Moomin stuffed animals

event 2023/12/23 2023/12/24
team ①12:30 ②14:30 (Reception starts from 11:00)
About 60 minutes each time
place KOKEMUS 2F Kids Space
price ASK

moomin valley park Tove Jansson's Moomin picture book "What will happen then? 』Read aloud

event   Please check the details for the event date.
team Open: 11:30 - 12:00
place Lawn area in front of Kokemus
*The content and location may be changed or canceled depending on the situation, such as rainy weather.
price Free

moomin valley park Moominvalley Park original badge making

team Weekdays: 10: 00 to 17: 00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10:00~18:00
place KOKEMUS 1F Main Shop Moominvalley
price ASK

Past workshops

Making half wreath

2023/12/02 2023/12/03

Making winter candles

2023/11/25 2023/11/26

Moominvalley moss terrarium (Hattifattener)

2023/11/11 2023/11/12

[Sold out] Making WINTER WONDERLAND original magnets


Cantera making in Moominvalley

2023/11/03 2023/11/05

KIRIN TEA COLLEGE presented by afternoon tea


[SÖPÖ SÖPÖ DOG TAIL FAIR] Moomin bandana made with stencils

  Please check the details for the event date.

Tove Jansson's Moomin picture book ``Knit the Lonely'' is read aloud

  Please check the details for the event date.

[Hemulen's academy] Useful!Flower arrangement class supported by OAT Agrio

2023/10/21 2023/10/22

Moominvalley wood burning box

2023/10/21 2023/10/22

Making flower hair ties

  Please check the details for the event date.

Making beeswax wraps

  Please check the details for the event date.

Moominvalley moss terrarium

2023/09/09 Please check the details for the event date.

Moomin wooden box made with stencils

  Please check the details for the event date.

[Sold out] Making HARVEST original magnets

  Please check the details for the event date.

◆ Easy experience ♪ Fruit vinegar that makes it easy and cute

2023/08/19 2023/08/20

[Hemulen's academy] The secret of vegetables supported by Calbee

2023/08/11 2023/08/16

[Hemulen's academy] Workshop to learn the importance of water "Learn from water" supported by LIXIL in Moominvalley Park

2023/08/05 2023/08/06

[Hemulen's Academy] Moominvalley Park Bee Project

2023/07/22 2023/07/23

Reading "Summer Storm and Moomintroll"


Cute flower bag charm made with leather craft

2023/04/22 2023/04/23

Flower bottle made from selected dried flowers

2023/04/08 2023/04/09

KIRIN TEA COLLEGE presented by afternoon tea

2023/04/01 2023/04/02

Spring Botanical Gel Candle

2023/03/25 2023/03/26

Arrangement of seasonal flowers made in a flower bag


Hemulen's academy ~SPRING FESTIVAL~

2023/03/01 2023/04/23

[Ethical Choice] Make your own Moominvalley with traditional handmade Japanese paper

2023/07/15 2023/07/16

Let's make a cute flower wreath!

2023/03/18 2023/03/19

Hattifattener balloon art

2023/03/11 2023/03/12

Tove Jansson's Moomin Picture Book "Moomin's Treasure" Read aloud

2023/05/14 View details →

SÖPÖ SÖPÖ tote bag making

2023/02/04 2023/02/19

[Limited Quantity] Smartphone shoulder to choose and make

2023/01/28 2023/02/26

SÖPÖ SÖPÖ flower crown

2023/01/21 2023/02/12

Moominvalley winter snow globe

2022/12/03 View details →

[Storytelling] Moomin monogatari, Ltd. book "Moomin roll and ice festival"

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Moomin stuffed animals

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Moominvalley wood burning box

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⓯ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL / Ethical Choice] Let's make your own Moominvalley with traditional handmade Japanese paper

2022/07/16 2022/07/31

⓮ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL / Ethical Choice] Coloring the dining table by making woodwork products-A workshop to learn various "differences" and find the "same"-

2022/07/29 2022/08/26

⓫ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL / Tsukuru] Making an original photo holder-From a scene of a story-

2022/07/16 2022/08/28

❿ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL / Tsukuru] Making a Coloring Box-Let's make a "tableo" of Moominvalley's friends and your own "parafernaria" box-

2022/07/16 2022/08/28

❾ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL / Tsukuru] The summer time Coloring

2022/07/16 2022/08/28

❽ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL] Fabric panel of Moominvalley friends


❻ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL] Handmade market collaborated by Kukkla

2022/07/23 2022/08/21

Hattifattener's Shaka Shaka Charm


❹ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL / Manabu] KIRIN KIDS COLLEGE-Mojito-style lychee soda arrangement drink making


❸ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL / Outgoing] Aim for KIDS TikToker

2022/07/22 2022/08/19

❷ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL / Imagination] Moominvalley plush toy staying party

2022/07/31 2022/08/29

❶ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL / Science] Making science sweets-Geode cake in the valley of garnet-

2022/08/13 2022/08/14

Moominvalley flower accessories


Moominvalley Wood Burning Coaster-Cheers with Moominpappa with "Manhattan Dynamite" Juice

2022/06/18 2022/06/19

Read aloud Tove Jansson's Moomin picture book "Mysterious Journey to Moominvalley"

2022/06/05 2022/07/10

Balloon mobile made with paper craft


KIRIN TEA COLLEGE presented by afternoon tea


Moominvalley Wood Burning-Let's make a photo frame with Moominmamma! ~


Floating flower bottle


[3rd Anniversary Special Kite] Japanese kite making workshop


Moominvalley basket made of birch-style tape

2022/02/05 2022/02/06

Moominvalley wooden wreath made by sticking petapeta

2022/01/15 2022/01/16

Moomintroll winter icing cookies

2021/12/18 2021/12/24

Read the classic Moomin picture book "Moominvalley's Christmas"

2021/12/10 2021/12/11

Art & Activity "Hemulen's playground"

2021/12/10 2022/03/30

KIRIN TEA COLLEGE presented by afternoon tea

2021/12/10 2021/12/11

[November 11th (Thursday) is Hattifattener's Day] Accessories made from Hattifattener seeds

2021/11/11 2021/11/14

[Very Berry WORKSHOP ❹❺] Moominvalley sweets candles

2021/11/03 2021/11/13

[Very Berry WORKSHOP ❸] Let's make a miniature food berry berry tart!


[Very Berry WORKSHOP ❷] Let's make a Moominmamma kitchen with miniature food!


Make Moominvalley art with nails and threads!

2021/10/16 2021/11/28

[Very Berry WORKSHOP ❶] Let's make a miniature food, Berry Berry Lettu!

2021/09/19 2021/09/20

Moominvalley Bird House

2021/08/07 2021/08/18

[Limited quantity] Let's make your own umbrella!


Moominvalley candles Moominvalley and umbrellas

2021/05/22 2021/09/03


2021/04/10 2021/06/20

Moominvalley Candle Spring Search

2021/03/13 2021/05/21

Moominhouse lantern made from paper craft

2020/11/21 2021/06/27

Moominvalley candle HARVEST

2020/09/12 2020/11/09

Hanauma Painting

2020/08/10 2020/11/01

Hattifattener kaleidoscope making

2020/08/08 2020/08/13

Moominvalley silver ring

2020/05/29 2021/11/24

Moominvalley Water Dome

2020/06/04 2020/08/05

Moominvalley snow globe love

2020/01/25 2020/02/14

Congratulations on the 75th anniversary of Moomin! rosette

2020/06/04 2020/08/07

Moominvalley Winter Lantern

2020/01/01 2020/02/01

Moominvalley Winter Icing Cookie

2019/12/22 2020/02/23

Moominvalley Himmeli and Mobiles

2019/11/30 2020/03/01

Moominvalley winter snow globe

2019/11/19 2020/01/03

Make Moomin art with nails and thread!

2019/11/02 2020/03/01

Harvest (Autumn Harvest Festival) Snow globe

2019/10/22 2019/11/24

Moominvalley Dry Flower Light Bottle

2019/10/08 2019/11/24

Moominvalley Park original leather workshop

2020/06/04 2021/07/28

Making Moominvalley Park original accessories

2019/07/27 2019/12/20

Moominvalley Park Original Gel Nail

2019/11/02 2019/11/23

[MOOMIN SHOP Online] Workshop at home

  Workshop kit now on sale!
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