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Why don't you fix the broken precious vessel by yourself?
"Kintsugi" is a technique that uses natural lacquer to repair cracks and chips in ceramics and sows metal powder to finish it. This time, at the metsä village, in Kamata Kintsugi, TokyoTomomi Fukasawa"Metsä Kintsugi" will be established with Mr. Enjoy relaxing Kintsugi at metsä.

In this workshop, you will experience the process of "bonding cracks-filling in chips", which is the first step of gold splicing.
[Before joining]
・ Please bring one or two vessels with a size of 15 ㎤ or less and one crack or chip.Please refrain from glass products.
-The final manager is responsible for the final finish. After completion, we will ship by cash on delivery.
-Choose from brass or silver 2 finishes.
・ Natural lacquer is easy to get a rash when it comes in contact with the skin and does not come off when it adheres to clothes.Please participate in clothes with as little exposure as possible.

Event Dates 12 month 18 day (Tuesday)
Time 11時の部:11:00~13:00、14時の部:14:00~16:00
Venue Craft Bibliotech
Entry fee 4,000 yen (tax included, sweets and drinks included)
Capacity Each time 10 name
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