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Moominvalley wooden wreath made by sticking petapeta 1

The Moomintroll of domestic cypress, snowflakes, and leaf parts are pasted together, and finally the artificial flowers of red roses are treated to make a wooden wreath that is perfect for this winter's interior.You can enjoy handmade products from small children to adults just by sticking them together.

Event Dates 1 Month 15 Day (Saturday) 16 Day (Sunday)
Time ①10:30 ②11:15 ③13:00 ④13:45 ⑤14:30 ⑥15:15 ⑦16:00
About 30 minutes each time
Venue Main Shop Moominvalley (Kokemus1F) Kids Space
Entry fee 3,300 yen (tax included)
Capacity Each time 8 name
Remarks Participation applications will be accepted at the Main Shop Moominvalley (Kokemus10F) from 00:1 on the date of the event.

Attention point

Moomintroll wooden parts are available in two designs. * Ends as soon as it runs out
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