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❷ [SUMMER ART FESTIVAL / Imagination] Moominvalley plush toy staying party 2

[Your precious stuffed animal is a big adventure in the park at night! ?? ]
A very popular event is coming to foreign libraries!
Your favorite stuffed animal will stay at the park instead of you.After presenting a handmade "name tag necklace" to the stuffed animal at the workshop, it's finally time to say goodbye ... After that, imagine a special night for the stuffed animals.Through the official SNS of Moominvalley Park, we will secretly deliver the situation so that the stuffed animals will not be noticed.
Where will the stuffed animals, who have come to life at night, go on an adventure?An original picture book "Moominvalley's Life" will be presented as a proof of adventure!

[Click here for advance reservation]
・ ① July 7st (Sunday) August 31st (Monday)
・ ② August 8th (Sun) 14th (Mon)
・ ③ August 8th (Sun) 28th (Mon)

Event Dates ① Sunday, July 7st, Monday, August 31st
Recruitment period: Until Monday, July 7th, contact the winners on Tuesday, July 18th
② August 8th (Sun) 14th (Mon)
Recruitment period: Until Saturday, July 7th, contact the winners on Sunday, July 30st
③ August 8th (Sun) 28th (Mon)
Recruitment period: Until Saturday, July 8th, contact the winners on Sunday, July 13st
Time 16: 00 ~:
After the reception, a workshop to make "name tag necklaces", stuffed animals to sleep and farewell
Venue KOKEMUS 2F Kids Space
Entry fee ASK
* Includes "Name Tag Necklace" workshop, picture book "Moominvalley's Life" (list price 1,650 yen), and a special box for delivery
* Shipping fee will be charged separately for delivery after the end (payment fee will be charged)
Capacity [Advance reservation system]
Remarks 【Precaution】
・ The types of stuffed animals that can be stayed are limited to the characters of the genuine "Moomin" on the market.
・ Limited to stuffed animals with a size of sitting / upright and 10 cm or more and 25 cm or less.
* As a guide, in the case of Moomintroll limited stuffed animal "Moomintroll", from SS to M size
・ We may refuse to accept stuffed animals with decorations that do not match Moomin's world view, such as handmade clothes and accessories.
・ Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian.
・ We will send you off, but you will not be picked up.
* You will be asked to come directly to check in, but we will pick you up in a special box.
・ Plush toys will explore the park.Please bring a stuffed animal that can withstand your stay.
・ Photos of the stuffed animals taken on the day will be uploaded to the official SNS etc.Please note.
・ If there are a large number of applications, a lottery will be held and only the winners will be contacted.
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