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On Saturday, May 5th, why don't you enjoy making cards for Mother's Day by collage the tears with textile designer Eri Shimazuka?Cut and paste colorful textiles on a card with a fox illustration printed on it to create your own bouquet.From the following day, the 11th (Sun), we will hold a workshop using textiles designed by Eri Shimazuka.During the period, Eri Shimazuka's original goods will also be on sale.

Eri Shimazuka
Textile designer living in Helsinki.
Moved to 2007 and studied textile design at Aalto University.After working as a designer at Marimekko's artwork studio, he became independent from 2014.Currently, he provides designs to domestic and foreign brands such as Marimekko, Samui, and Kippis. Produces a textile brand called Pikku Saari (Kokka).In charge of costume design for Suntory and all-free commercials. Designed the original textile of Hotel Locus, which opened in Miyakojima in 2018. Traveling exhibitions will be held nationwide from mid-April 2019.
For more information,
instagram: erishimatsuka

Event Dates May 5th (Sat) Mother's Day card made with Eri Shimazuka
May 5th (Sun) -12th (Sun) Eri Shimazuka textile WORKSHOP
Time May 5th (Sat) 11: 13-00: 15 (Last reception)
May 5th (Sun) -12th (Sun) 26: 10-00: 19 (last reception)
Venue Craft Bibliotech
Entry fee May 5th (Sat) 11 yen (tax included) per sheet
May 5th (Sun) -12th (Sun) 26 yen (tax included)
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