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Hemulen's academy ~SPRING FESTIVAL~ 1

At Hemulens Academy in the spring, we will hold workshops where you can experience “learning” while having fun, such as fieldwork where you can learn about nature such as flowers and creatures in Moominvalley Park.

Date December 2023, 3 (Wednesday) -January 1, 2023 (Sunday)

Attention point

Get to know the nature and creatures of Moominvalley Park!

Experience fee: 1,000 yen (tax included) *with bird call

Take a bird call and tour Moominvalley Park.If you look at the nature and creatures around you with a lecturer who is familiar with wild birds and plants, you may find small discoveries that you usually do not notice.
■ Date:3/2628th (Tue) 30th (Thu)
April 4st (Sat) 1nd (Sun) 2th (Tue) 4th (Thu) 6th (Sat) 8th (Sun)
*3/26 will be canceled due to rain.
■Meeting place: KOKEMUS 2F kids space
■Holding time: ①11:30~ ②14:00~
■ Time required: Approximately 90 minutes
■ Capacity: 15 people each time

MOOMINGLISH :Into Moominvalley Park

Experience fee: 500 yen (tax included) *Original ballpoint pen included

The title "MOOMINGLISH" is "Moomin" + "English".It is divided into "Moominpappa edition (basic level)" and "Snufkin edition (advanced level)" on the front and back, and you can enjoy learning English while walking around Moominvalley Park according to your English level. .
■ Sales location: Lettura Lounge

The secret of potatoes supported by Calbee

Experience fee: Free

You will learn how “potatoes” grow from the time they are planted in the field to the time they are harvested, and the secrets of potatoes that you may know but actually don’t know in a quiz format.Calbee potato products will be presented to participants!
■Date: March 3 (Tuesday/holiday), March 21 (Saturday)
■Meeting place: KOKEMUS 2F kids space
■Time: 3/21 (Tue) ①11:30 ②13:30 ③15:00
3/25 (Sat) ①11:30 ②15:00
* Numbered tickets will be distributed at Welcome cove from 10:00.
■ Time required: Approximately 30 minutes
■Capacity: About 30 people each time

Coming soon

* Other workshops will be released sequentially.

[SPRING FESTIVAL] Starts from Wednesday, March 3!

The spring event, Spring Festival, welcomes Hemulen, who loves to collect plants, as a new addition to Moominvalley Park.Enjoy the arrival of spring with Hemulen and Moominvalley friends at Moominvalley Park, where colorful flowers are in full bloom.
■For details Click here for more information.
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