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Moomin stuffed animals to make yourself 1

Fill the Moomin's silhouette by yourself and sew the back together.

Take home a one-of-a-kind Moomin stuffed animal with memories of Moominvalley Park.

For this item, you can choose one of the colorful umbrellas you like.
Complete by letting Moomin hold the umbrella you chose.

※The photograph is an image.

Date 4/20 (Sat)
Time ① 11:00 ② 13:30 ③ 15:00
About 60 minutes each time
Venue KOKEMUS 2F Kids Space
Entry fee ASK
Capacity End as soon as it runs out
* Since needles and threads are used, small children should participate with adults.

Attention point

This time's item is "umbrella" ☂

You can choose one of our colorful umbrellas.
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