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Hattifattener's balloon art 1

Challenge Hattifattener's balloon art!
You can wear the completed Hattifattener balloon, decorate it in your room, and take home the memories of "Hattifattener Day".
※The photograph is an image.

Date July 3th (Sat) and 11th (Sun)
Time ①10:30 ②11:00 ③11:30 ④12:30 ⑤13:00 ⑥13:30 ⑦14:30 ⑧15:00 ⑨15:30
Time required: about 20 minutes
Venue Welcome cove bathing hut street
Entry fee Free * Numbered ticket system
Capacity Each time 20 name
Remarks * Numbered tickets will be distributed at the workshop venue from 10:00.
*You can specify the numbered ticket time, but distribution will end as soon as each time runs out.
* Children under 6 years old should participate with adults.
* Please refrain from participating if you are allergic to latex.
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