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[Hemulen's academy] The secret of vegetables supported by Calbee 1

"Jagabee", where you can enjoy the taste of potatoes and a unique crunchy texture, will start a new project with "Moomin", "Little My" and "Snufkin" as ambassadors!
Under the theme of "a little happy time", we will continue to develop activities centered on environmentally friendly initiatives and projects to enjoy nature.

The theme this time is "The Secret of Vegetables"

Various vegetables that we usually eat casually.

It is a content that you can enjoy in a quiz format while actually experimenting with the little wonders inside!

*A numbered ticket is required to participate.

*The information will end as soon as the numbered tickets run out.

Date August 8 (Friday) and 11 (Wednesday)
Time ①11:30 ②13:30 ③15:00
Time required: about 45 minutes
Venue KOKEMUS 2F Kids Space
Entry fee Free
Capacity About 50 people each time
Remarks * Numbered tickets will be distributed at Welcome cove from 10:00.

Attention point

Hemulen's academy

A workshop where you can experience “learning” while having fun, just like Finland, where the Moomin monogatari, Ltd. was born.
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