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According to recent research results, vinegar can be expected to have health effects such as reducing visceral fat, lowering blood lipids, and preventing arterial effect, in addition to recovering from fatigue and improving constipation.
However, it is surprisingly difficult to incorporate vinegar into your daily meals.
Why don't you make a cute fruit vinegar that is easy to drink every day with vinegar, fruit, and sugar, and take it as a step towards a healthy lifestyle every day?

■Advance reservations are accepted.If there is a vacancy, we can accept even on the day.
advance reservations Click here for more information.From!
*Only cash will be accepted on the day

■ [Allergies in this course]
apple, orange
*Other fruits are also used, so please check with the staff in advance.

Date July 8th (Sat) and 19th (Sun)
Time ①11:30~ ②13:30~
Duration: 45 minutes
Venue KOKEMUS 2F Kids Space
Entry fee ASK
Capacity Each time 12 name
Remarks 【Precaution】
・The venue for the workshop will be in Moominvalley Park [KOKEMUS].
・Please refrain from entering the room unless you have made a reservation. (Except for one child under elementary school accompanied by one guardian)
・The tuition fee includes lesson fees, materials/containers, and rental of aprons and gloves.
・We also have a paper bag for take-out, so [you can participate empty-handed].
・Owning time is scheduled to be about 45 minutes.
・Reservations will be closed two days before the date of the event due to system issues.For subsequent contact, please contact OH!!! General Information below.
・Due to the system of RESERVA, we will close the request for cancellation two days before the date of the event.For subsequent contact, please contact OH!!! General Information below.

OH!!! General information [042-975-7001]
The registration time has ended

Attention point

[Flow of the workshop]

1. Learn how to make it!
The staff of the Parishaki Institute will explain in a lecture format.
Learn how to make fruit vinegar that you may not have known before!

2. Choose the "vinegar" to use for fruit vinegar!
We have prepared 2-XNUMX types of vinegar to make fruit vinegar.
You can learn the characteristics of each vinegar and choose your favorite vinegar while tasting.

3. Choose spices and sugar!
①XNUMX types of spice set
We have prepared two types of blend sets that combine spices recommended by our staff. (*Spice can be omitted.)
② It looks cute!
Prepare sugar for topping In addition to rock sugar as a base, you can add konpeito and brown sugar.
You can make it richer in taste, or add an accent to its appearance... whatever you like.

4. Pack the ingredients and make fruit vinegar!
Start making fruit vinegar!We will fill the bottle with fruit, rock candy, and spices.
You can choose from two fruits: [Mixed Berry] or [Pineapple & Mango].
Finally, add vinegar, label, and you're done!

5.Introducing arrangement recipes
Fruit vinegar that can be used in a variety of ways, such as splitting it with soda or eating it over yogurt.
We will introduce the arrangement recipe and how to use it.
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