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Moominvalley Himmeli and Mobile 1

“Moominvalley Park” for the first winter
Paja KOKEMUS 2F welcomes you with a warm workshop.

"Moomin Himmeli and Mobile"
"Himmeli" is a traditional ornament that has been handed down from ancient times in Northern Europe Finland.It is made from rye stalks that have been cut to pray for a good harvest the following year, and has been popular as a decoration for the December harvest festival and Christmas. At Moominvalley Park, a basic octahedron is made from straw straws and arranged with Moomin and friends motifs.This is a great workshop where you can enjoy making mobiles at home using the mobile parts of the character sheet.

Customers using Paja (Paya / Workshop) KOKEMUS 2F, please use the stairs at the back of Muumilaakso kauppa (Moominvalley shop / Main Shop Moominvalley) KOKEMUS 1F and proceed to the 2nd floor.

Date November 11th (Sat) -March 30, 2020 (Sun)
Time 10: 00 to 17: 30 (last accepted 15: 30)
Venue Paja (Paya) KOKEMUS XNUM X F
Entry fee ASK
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