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Forest Whimsical Nail Salon 1

Whimsical open, forest nail salon.There is a white canvas called "nails".What do you draw from the metasä selection with the image of Scandinavia?

Flow of treatment
1. Choose your favorite design from the metsä selection (8 types in total).
2. Enjoy chatting during the treatment.
3. Completed in no time using the nail printer TSUME.CO.
4. At the end, take a break with sweets and drinks.
* Please note that nail-off will not be held at the venue.

A completely new gel nail using a nail printer.Designed using a printer, so it takes less time than regular gel nails.It can be applied to any nail, regardless of the size of the nail.This is Hatsumeko, the first store to open in Saitama Prefecture!

Event Dates December 12th (Friday) 7th (Friday) 14st (Friday)
Time ①11:00~12:30 ②13:00~14:30 ③15:00~16:30
Venue Craft Bibliotech
Entry fee 3,000 yen (tax included, sweets and drinks included)
Capacity Each time 1 names (high school students and above)
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