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We will hold a stained glass workshop with two instructors from the atelier in Yanaka, Tokyo, "contemporary glass nido".Join small pieces of glass together to make a stained glass flower hand mirror, a star ornament.Choose from the flower hand mirrors and the popular star ornaments that are perfect for spring outings.Even beginners can enjoy and easily make it.

contemporary glass nido
The concept of nido is a poetic stained glass that gives a secret story of those who have passed a long time and those who have the impression of a distant country. Glass works made by carefully examining each piece of glass and giving an expression with delicate expressions.I want you to travel to the world where there are people who like them.From that thought, I named it nido (nest in Spanish).

Event Dates March 3 (Thursday / holiday) Flower hand mirror
April 4 (Sat) Star Ornament
Time 各日①11:00~12:00 ②14:00~15:00 ③16:00~17:00
Venue Craft Bibliotech
Entry fee March 3 (Thursday / holiday) Flower hand mirror: 21 yen (tax included)
April 4 (Sat) Star Ornament: 13 yen (tax included)
Capacity Each time 10 name (more than junior high school students)
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