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Himmeli is a traditional ornament that has been handed down from ancient times in Northern Europe Finland.It is made from rye stalks that have been cut to pray for a good harvest the following year, and has been popular as a decoration for the December harvest festival and Christmas.
In this workshop, we will create the basics of Himmeli, the octahedron, using straws that are easy to handle even for beginners.Let's make it fun by adding accents with felt balls while enjoying color matching with abundant colors.

Himmeli's Oka Mana Ooka
I was shocked by the beauty of Himmel that I saw in a Scandinavian magazine and devised various forms while continuing to make my own. To make it easy for anyone to start, we have a fun classroom full of discoveries that are easy to understand using familiar materials.

Event Dates November 11rd (Friday / holiday) 23th (Saturday)
Time 11月23日(金・祝)13:00 / 15:00、24日(土)10:30 / 13:00
Venue Craft Bibliotech
Entry fee 3,000 yen (tax included, sweets and drinks included)
Capacity Each time 12 name
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