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kerho is a Finnish club. At Metsä kerho / metsä Kerho, based on the Finnish pedagogy "Expanding and learning while having fun", we will learn together by observing things and making something in the magnificent nature of metsä. , Have a fruitful time.

■ Lunch mat made from fallen leaves
There are many kinds of trees in the metsä village.Depending on the type of tree, the shape of the leaves and the color of the autumn leaves vary.Pick up different types of leaves and take a closer look at how many of them are divided, what the streaks look like, and what color they have.After that, let's freely combine those leaves to make your own place mat.

■ Daily calendar until Christmas
Christmas is a very special day in Finland.Create a calendar that tells you how many days are left until a special day for the whole family. If you prepare two sets of paper bundles with numbers from 0 to 9, you can easily count even large numbers.With your own calendar, let's wait for the fun day with excitement.

Event Dates November 11 (Sat) Lunch mat made from fallen leaves
November 11th (Sat) Daily calendar until Christmas
Time 各日13:00~14:00:対象年齢1~3歳 / 15:00~16:00:対象年齢4~6歳
Venue Craft Bibliotech
Entry fee 3,000 yen (tax included)
Capacity Each time 6 name
Remarks As we use paints and craft materials, please prepare clothes that can get dirty.
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