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Along with the autumn event "Moominvalley Park Harvest" where you can enjoy a very Berry harvest festival, it has been decided that a candle writer from candle studio pieni takka will hold a Moominvalley sweets candle workshop.
At this workshop, we prepared two designs: "❹ Berry parfait candles with plenty of cream and berry sauce that look delicious" and "❺ Cute cookie assorted candles with real chocolate and cream, and berry jam."Whether you are new to candle making or a regular, why not enjoy the autumn of creation at Moominvalley Park?

Your First Class
* Workshop participation tickets will be on sale from 10:23 on Saturday, October 9rd.
❹ Berry parfait candle
① Wednesday, November 11rd, 3: 10-30: 12
② Wednesday, November 11rd, 3: 12-30: 14
③ Wednesday, November 11rd, 3: 14-30: 16
❺ Cookies Assorted Candles
① Saturday, October 11, 13: 10-30: 12
② Saturday, October 11, 13: 12-30: 14
③ Saturday, October 11, 13: 14-30: 16

Customers using Paja (Paya / Workshop) KOKEMUS 2F, please use the stairs at the back of Muumilaakso Kauppa (Moominvalleyshop / Main Shop Moominvalley) KOKEMUS 1F and proceed to the 2nd floor.

Date ❹ Berry Parfait Candle: Wednesday, November 11rd
❺ Cookie Assorted Candles: Saturday, November 11th
Time ①10:30~12:00 ②12:30~14:00 ③14:30~16:00
Venue Paja (Paya) KOKEMUS XNUM X F
Entry fee For each 6,050 yen (tax-included)
Capacity Each time 8 name

Attention point

Berry parfait candle

We make a real-life berry parfait candle using a lot of berries and chocolate made from wax.Sprinkled nuts, pistachios, crunches, strawberries, etc. are all made of wax. Let's decorate and finish the Moominvalley friends together.

Cookie assorted candles

We make many kinds of cookie candles just like the real thing.At the top of the canister is a cute donut made from wax. Put your Moominvalley friends on it for a cute finish.Each cookie candle is lit.It is also recommended as a gift.
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