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Hand-knitting, everyone's metsä 1

metsä is a Finnish word for forest.
A workshop unique to metsä, limited to the winter season.We knit a small tree using the Finnish forest and the yarn that imaged the starry sky.If you have tried knitting for a while, you can make it with basic fine knitting and knitting.Once knitted, collect everyone's trees and have a small metsä photo session.

Thread specialty storeAPRILWe have prepared three trees together with.Please choose your favorite color.
#Puu Chameleon tree
#Ruska Antares of Scorpio
#Lumi Yuki is Spica alone
* We will prepare a kit with a crochet.

Event Dates 11 month 27 day (Tuesday)
Time 11時の森:11:00~13:00、14時の森:14:00~16:00
Venue Craft Bibliotech
Entry fee 2,000 yen (tax included, sweets and drinks included)
Capacity Each time 10 name
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