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Embroidery is not just about making "cloth".
This time, we will hold a workshop on "paper embroidery" and "paper embroidery".The instructor, embroidery artist Minami Chiba, prepared a very cute postcard with 2 designs.
#1 "Santa and reindeer" perfect for Christmas
#2 metsä original design "Fuyunomori"
By learning paper embroidery, you can add embroidery to commercially available cards, make the cover of your notebook cute, and make your daily life much more enjoyable.Let's enjoy together with paper embroidery that conveys a little love.

#Application benefits
Postcards will be attached to both designs for customers who have applied for participation in advance.Those who jump in will be given either # 2 or # 1.

Minamiko Chiba
Embroidery artist, ABC creator.Turned from an office worker to an embroidery artist.Produces a wide range of embroidery works such as providing embroidery for advertisements and collaborating with famous characters.Occasionally communication activities such as workshops.There are many alphabet designs, and one of the features is the heavy use of difficult techniques.Many books have been released.

Event Dates 12th February (Saturday)
Time ① 13:00 ② 14:00 ③ 15:00 ④ 16:00
Venue Craft Bibliotech
Entry fee One card 1 yen (tax included)
Capacity 20 people each time (elementary school students and above)
Please be sure to have a guardian present as you will be using needles and scissors.
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