Little My Play Spot 1

"Little My Play Spot" is a theater-type experience facility where you can enjoy a comical slapstick drama unfolded by the mischievous hero Little My.
Along with the guide of the guide, you can enjoy the charm of Moomin's story with the surprise that the development changes each time while being thrilled by Little My's scheme, and the gentle and warm classical image. ..

Genre Play / make
Business hours Time required: about 15 minutes
Remarks ※ Childs younger than primary school children need an attendant at least junior high school students.
* Persons corresponding to the following cannot be used.
・ Heart disease, abnormal blood pressure
・ Unwell
・ Closed and dark phobia
* The schedule may be changed or canceled without notice for reasons such as the weather.
* Depending on the congestion situation, the reception may close earlier. Please note.


Introducing the voice cast

Female narration: Maaya Sakamoto
Male narration: Satoshi Hino
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