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A workshop that plays seriously with Feel Lab, Yasuhito Cho (lighting designer).
Make a light using preserved hydrangea.At night, the hydrangea is illuminated by light and a beautiful shadow spreads.The dark room is surrounded by fantastic light, and it feels like you are in the forest.

1. Choose the color of the preserved hydrangea.
2. Make a bouquet by deciding the shape and size.
3. Insert the bouquet into the lighting stand.
4. Adjust how the shadow is reflected while lighting.

Feel Lab(Hinnoh City)
I design various lights related to life.
It is our job to create fun things.

The "Forest Hydrangea Bouquet Light", which was well received at the end of last year, will be held again during the rainy season.

Event Dates 6 Month 22 Day (Saturday) 23 Day (Sunday)
Time ①11:00~12:00 ②13:00~14:00 ③15:00~16:00
Venue metsä hall
Entry fee 4,500 yen (tax included, material cost, packaging fee included)
Capacity Each time 10 name
Remarks As for hydrangea, 7-9 kind is prepared at any time, but popular color will end as soon as it disappears. Please note.

Attention point

It is preserved, it is hydrangea, so it won't fade for a long time.
The lighting stand is made of copper and natural wood + LED specifications.
The light is on with USB. It is safe without the occurrence of heat.
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