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"Making a country where you can love the most flowers in the world" HANA NINGEN is coming to metsä village. Would you like to germinate with the theme of "forest"?

What is germination?
It is a completely new way of expressing flowers and human beings that can make flowers grow in the hair.The finished work will look like flowers are sprouting from you.If you are tired recently, want healing, or are sick, please try germination.To think that a flower is beautiful means that you can afford it. Why don't you feel "living with margins", which is the theme of metsä, through HANANINGEN. metsä village and HANANINGEN respect a little "want to germinate".

With the help of nature against the digital age.A Ganon Florist who loves flowers and creates such an era.A group of creators who gathered talented Japanese flower designers to create an era with the world view of representative Hikaru Seino. HANANINGEN is a project created by representative Hikaru Seino with the concept of "creating a country where you can love the most flowers in the world".

Event Dates 11 Month 10 Day (Saturday) 11 Day (Sunday)
Time ① 11: 00-12: 00/4 people ② 13: 00-16: 00/6 people ③ 16: 30-19: 30/6 people about 30-40 minutes / person
Venue Craft Bibliotech
Entry fee 15,000 yen (tax included, drinks, sweets included)
Remarks ■ Flow of the day
1. Please complete the reception at Craft Vibrio Tech.We will give you a time numbered ticket.
2. Please come to the designated place when it is time to germinate.
3, finally germination!You cannot see yourself during germination.Please wait for the completion.Flowers are fun on the day.
4, completed!You can shoot the metsä village in the location with your smartphone.
5. Please ask the staff when you remove the flower decoration.
* Professional photography is also available for those who wish. (Additional charge / 10,800 yen including tax)
※ If you were taken by a professional, there is a handing over of data.
* Costumes will not be rented or made up on the day of the event.Please note.
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